Curicyn is our go to cure-all! We use the products on all of our animals — even ourselves! It’s so effective for any wound or skin ailment. We also love the Curicyn team. They truly care about our equine partners, the agricultural community, and are really committed to this industry!



Shorty’s Caboy Hattery

Shorty’s sets the standard for craftsmanship and quality in western hats. I appreciate that they stick to the traditions of true custom hat-making and you can really tell the difference. I don’t go anywhere without my hat — it holds up from the work pen to the show arena. Shorty and Bobbie are just the best!



Desert Sage Bead Art & High Desert Beaded Belts

Kathleen Brannon, the artist behind Desert Sage, is the real deal. She hand beads every cuff, belt, and headstall piece and her work is just outstanding! There is nothing like her pieces out there on the market and I feel like my belts and headstalls set me apart from the crowd. People are always asking me about them and I love telling the stories behind them and about her artistry!



Renew Gold

This product is a complete feed that supports the immune and digestive systems, which is so important for our performance horses when we ask so much of them at such a young age. I love their mission to not “feed your animals into trouble and then try to supplement them out of it,” and they do just that. The nutrition this feed provides supports the natural health of the horse.


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